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Mighty Public Cloud

Invest in a public cloud environment along with the flexibility and security to manage the workload and application requirements. From the most innovative and automated cloud system, our team will help you grow your business and turn your data into value.

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A robust IT foundation is what every company requires nowadays to stand out and keep itself updated. At Mighty Blue Cloud, our public cloud managers help you maximize your cloud investment by;

  • Regularly monitoring and automation of performance
  • 24/7 management of databases and infrastructure
  • Optimization of consumption and cost

Transform more smartly with Mighty Blue Public Cloud

Better and Faster Outcomes

We have an unmatched and established process, automation, and expertise to provide you with faster outcomes.

End-to-end Cloud Services

We do more than managing your day to day issues. With our Cloud services, you will have access to a wide-ranging technology to explore.

Reduced cost

With our experts, you don’t have to pay for resources that you don’t want to avail unlike other companies who charge their customers for the services you don’t avail.




High Availability

Our infrastructure self-healing ensure your server is always available.

10 GB Network

High-Speed network from end to end. Experience the difference.

Enterprise Hardware

High quality hardware make high impact on performance and reliability.

Instances for any need

High-performance Xenserver powered virtual machines for any workload

Virtual machine snapshots

Take a snapshot of your cloud server to backup your data and configuration

Live Migrations

Our live migration feature makes sure that we can always keep the hypervisors up-to-date

Linux and Windows support

Select from Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Red Hat, Atomic or Container Linux, Windows

Security and privacy

All our zones are powered by enterprise-grade data center providers

Public IP

Assign additional public IP addresses to one or several instances
Our cloud management depends on three major factors comprising of IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS which focuses on
  • Servers management, bandwidth, and storage
  • Managing the installation of software tools and,
  • The platform on which coding is done

Our Leading Partner

We are a competition for all other companies with our leading cloud partnership. We have partnered to provide you with expertise for each of your unique cases. Our cloud partner is Apache CloudStack. It is a Java-based project with management servers and provides VMWare as a hypervisor.

Why CloudStack

We picked CloudStack as our partner for the purposes such as;

Traditional Terms and Usage

The terms and usage of CloudStack are traditional and convenient for every issue you face in your business-instead of Azure and AWS managed services.


The Billing method of Cloud Stack is traditional. With the help of this, you only have to pay for the resources you want to avail of. Moreover, you can pre-pay for the resources due to CloudStack. And the best thing; you can build your VM according to your requirements and exactly how you want it to function.

Manages Storage

With Apache CloudStack, database storage and the instances running on hypervisor can be easily managed. Our experts also enable you to store secondary databases such as IOS images, snapshots, and templates.

We are more than operations management

Put your critical cloud infrastructures and data in the hands of our experts who already know how to deal with it promptly and timely. Our cloud services enable organizations and businesses to transit into a comprehensive platform with seamless scaling while delivering them an innovative experience. Our cloud management service providers help you deploy and implement new tools and technologies and become more agile. 

Not only with the database storage, but our cloud management experts also help you with other issues of your business such as;

Infrastructure migration

Our experts help you make smooth transitions every time. You can migrate existing databases to the Cloud at any time and make it secure.

Cloud analytics

Cloud analytics helps you give an insight into how you can turn your business into value.


We optimize and streamline your processes, which reduces costs and increases workflows.

Pricing Calculator

$10 per Core
$5 per GB
$0.30 per GB
$0.30 per GB
$5 per IP