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Mighty Blue Cloud

it’s mighty secure

Today’s businesses and enterprises are in an uncertain and complex environment. They are not only expected to deliver customer engagement and efficiency but also to keep their enterprise threat free. Their team is uncertain about how to do this.

At Mighty Blue Cloud, we understand how difficult it is to keep your business secure and backed-up. We know that you have spent countless hours to execute your vision. But to move forward, you need a skilled partner, a partner who is well-equipped and has expertise in technology. 

No, no! Not to replace your team, but to supplement it according to your needs. Here’s when the Mighty Blue Cloud steps in. While working in the managed IT services sector over the last ten years, we have gained top-notch expertise that enabled us to provide high-quality data security and backup.

We aim to take the worries of your IT management off your plate and help you grow. Our team is dedicated, and quality-driven that strives to go beyond expectations and ensure that you never have to worry about storage or database migration. 

Mighty Blue Cloud is based in Vancouver, BC, and is a provider of Managed IT Services. We work with any business and make their data safe and secure by providing them with useful IT strategies.

Our Goal

We want to be open-source yet secure at the same time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower our clients by providing them exceptional services. At Mighty Blue Cloud, we don’t aim for less and go the extra mile to deliver outstanding services. We cater to the client’s needs and provide superior cost-efficient solutions to help them run their business without any hassle. Customer focus is what makes us prominent, and we build enduring relationships with our clients.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be that IT partner that every business wants to work with. Any technology provider can provide solutions, but we aim to do more than the mere implementation of solutions. We want to take the security and data backup burden off your shoulders so you can work more efficiently for the growth of your business.

How it Started

It all started with my working with managed IT services. With time, I decided to start my own IT services in 2016, as I found that a majority of IT service providers penny-pinch their customers. They charge them for trivial things. But, with us at hand, our customers don’t have to worry about the costs as our solutions are cost-effective. 

Our team believes that the customers are the heart, and we willingly do whatever it takes to help them. We like to keep things simple and have a secure setup for businesses. To us, customers are the top priority, unlike others who don’t value their customers or their business. Our experts are different as they care and value their customers and go the extra mile to ensure that they are secure with the services we provide.

Our support and commitment can help you transform the future of your business. We assist you so you can change your weakest security links to the greatest security assets. Mighty Blue Cloud serves small, large, or medium-sized businesses to

  • Make their websites work better with the fastest speed.
  • Provide backups, so you don't lose your data.
  • Provide cloud hosting solutions
  • Secure your data with the help of anti-malware security system and protect it from the swindle

How it Started

Worried about cyber threats, data breaches, backups, or infrastructure migration? We’ve got your back. Put an end to all your nightmares and let the Mighty Blue Cloud do their job. We are partnered with Veeam and Comodo for backups and anti-virus, respectively. Our foolproof security setup and backup allow your business to grow more and run smoothly.